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Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Welcome to Whitefeather Press

Making the world a better place, one reader at a time

Welcome to White Feather Press, where we believe that every person has a story inside them, waiting, yearning to burst out and make the world a better place to live!

When Sara and I started White Feather Press, we never envisioned that we would be publishing other authors. It was intended as a vehicle to get my own work out into the public eye. But once White Feather was launched, other authors saw the benefit and asked me to publish their work as well.

When White Feather Press was first started in 2005, we published using the vanity and subsidy business models. We no longer do that. We have become quite successful, and have become a full-fledged traditional publishing company, paying a huge 40% royalty to its authors!

There is so much good writing out there that goes unseen. If you have a story that yearns to be told and to be read by others, send me your manuscript. I would love to consider it for publication.

All the best,

Skip Coryell

President, White Feather Press, LLC

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